MSCL pipe fittings from DN100 to DN1800, Carbon Steel pipe fittings from DN25 to DN1000, Stainless steel pipe spools from DN15 to DN600, Structural Steel up to 20T, Fabrication Plant & Equipment, COBEY Henderson        
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Fabrication Plant & Equipment

COBEY strives to ensure that the fabrication process is as efficient as possible. Innovations and desire to meet Client delivery expectations have driven COBEY to purchase the latest in fabrication equipment. The following fabrication plant and equipment is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and calibrated regularly:

•  2x 10T Gantry Cranes
•  2x 2T Jib Cranes
•  2x 1T Jib Cranes
•  1x Automated Pipe Cutting Machine
•  2x 600A Sub-Arc Welders on Welding Booms
•  1x Flux Core Welder on Welding Boom
•  3x Welding Positioners up to 5T
•  4x Automated Pipe Rotators up to 12T
•  25x MIG, Pulse MIG, Flux Core, Stick and TIG Welders
•  1x Mobile Crane 10T
•  1x Forklift 2.5T

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